Getting feedback

It’s just a month since my book was born (the gestation was somewhat longer) and at last I am getting some feedback. People have actually read it, which in itself is gratifying, and the reactions – from those who take the trouble to contact me, at least – are favourable.  “A fascinating story, and one that you tell well.“You write with clarity and economy.” All very pleasing to the ego; but I must guard against getting smug and complacent. I dare say there will be those who are less enthusiastic, or even downright disappointed. As with any book, so much depends on people’s expectations.

A further test will come in a couple of weeks, when I give my first talk to a local book-group; twelve ladies (yes, they are all ladies) who will no doubt have firm opinions and will expect me to account for what I wrote, and how I wrote it. That might be a chastening experience!

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