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No posting for a while – I’ve been busy with final edits and the incorporation of a few b&w photos into the text of my book. I’m almost there – at the point when I convert the whole thing into one pdf file and upload it to the publisher. But now the Christmas holidays are going to intervene and I shall have to wait until 2008 to see the finished product.

Meanwhile, I have been preparing for the marketing ‘onslaught’. I have drafted the launch press release, made up mailing and email lists of recipients, designed and printed A4 ‘posters’ for the counters of my local bookshops – so, when I actually receive the finished book from the printers, I shall be already to go.

I’ve given up on the famous actress; I did eventually hear from a sidekick that she was tremendously busy and tied up until April, so I shall go ahead without her.

Don’t know why I am doing this, really. I’ve installed an ‘analyser’, according to which my blog has been visited by 23 people so far (and some of those ‘visits’, I suspect, may have been my own) and no-one has left a single comment. It’s like publishing into space. Perhaps I am missing something . . .

No answer

Still no reply from my Famous Actress. I have sent a second letter, saying that all I want is the briefest of signs from her – yea or nay, which surely shouldn’t be too much trouble. But nothing. I suppose she thinks if she just ignores irritating people for long enough they will go away. I did think, however, that as I am a fellow actor, and the content of my book has strong pre-echoes of her own youth, she might at least do me the courtesy of replying – even if only to say no. But these days courtesy seems to be in short supply. . .

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A grumble

I’m in ‘grumpy old man’ mode, and feel like a rant. And the thing I’d like to take issue with is . . . the word ‘issue’. Time was when people would write or speak of ‘subjects’, ‘topics’, ‘matters’, ‘faults’, ‘questions’, ‘problems’, ‘difficulties’ and so on. Now, every bloody thing – whether it’s a software defect or a political crisis – is an ‘issue’. It’s a perfectly good word, of course; but why impoverish the language when there are so many alternatives?

While on language – why can’t people say ‘yes’ any more? Nine times out of ten it’s ‘absolutely!’ – which takes four times as long to say and is quite unnecessary.

Also, why has the verb ‘to say’ fallen into disuse? It’s all “and he goes . . .” or “and I’m like . . .”, neither of which seems to make any sense to me. Not that anyone is going to care what I think – or ‘go’.

A final conundrum. Can anyone tell me why Clark Gable, speaking his last line in “Gone with the Wind” (“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”) stressed the word ‘give’ instead of the ‘damn’?

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