Who will read?

This whole blogging thing is so new to me – and, frankly, I am puzzled. Here I am, typing away – and who the hell is ever going to read it? How – or why – would anyone find this site? And yet one is told it is a wonderful way of communicating with thousands of other people . . . There must be something that I am missing, or not understanding. Still, I’ll persevere – casting my bread upon the waters.

By the time one has finished writing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, one has lived so close to the thing that – in my case, anyway – one has lost all critical faculty. I simply don’t know whether what I have written is any good or not, let alone whether it is something others will want to read. In some ways it’s like the theatre: no-one ever knows whether a new show will be a hit or a turkey.

Talking of turkeys – a happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

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